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Welcome to honey! honey is a free, hackable, ethical-source 3D game engine that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is licensed under the Anti-Capitalist Software License.


Current Status

A major refactor of honey is presently underway. Here's what is yet to be done.

  • honeysuckle
  • logging
  • opengl bindings
    • glfw
    • opengl state
    • shaders
  • user input
  • textures
    • image textures
    • vector textures
    • cairo textures
    • freetype support
  • cglm bindings
    • vec3
    • vec4
    • mat3
    • mat4
    • quaternions
    • utility functions
  • assimp
  • physics (ode)
  • sound


honey is still in a pre-alpha state, so there aren't any downloads at this time. Check back soon!